Yoga Eco Lodge

ManabĂ­, Ecuador

Your host to a successful Yoga and Surf Retreat


Easy living

While you are taking a break from your Yoga practice, enjoy the ease and relaxation in one of the hammocks, listen to the sound of the ocean or watch the sunset. We will take care of the rest, feeding you with fresh foods and locally grown ingredients from the near community. Allow yourself to be treated with simplicity for a while.

The Yoga Eco Lodge faces the beach, with a tropical forest that surrounds it. The bungalows are constructed in wood, blending in with the natural environment. This cosy home stay and its dedicated staff make this a very intimate place where you can relax and make yourself at home. There is hot water for your showers, comfortable and clean beds and you can choose the type of lodging that serves you best. Stay comfy in the main house or perhaps you want a bit more privacy in your own bungalow. Since the prices are generously affordable, you might even choose to have exclusivity for your retreat.


Being located close to a surfer village, the majority of guests visiting the area are surfers looking for the perfect chilled out spot. During low season it gets calmer, with mostly backpackers staying on their way to visit Machalilla national park which is very close by.