Yoga Eco Lodge

Manabí, Ecuador

Your host to a successful Yoga and Surf Retreat


Ecuador hums of life

The temperature here usually stays around 20-21° C all year around, which is a very comfortable warmth for yoga practice. When it comes to wheather, Ecuador doesn't have any bad seasons, only wetter and dryer months of the year. The wet season roughly lasts between January through May, and dry season from July through December. Luckily though, most of the Ecuador beaches on the southern coast are very dry, making this an all year round destination. Water temperature normally stays around 23-26° C throughout the year.


When hosting your retreat here you are able to give your participants a very special experience. Along with possibilities to surf and set off on exotic excursions, you might even be the source of inspiration for your group to continue their traveling experiences around Ecuador. Whether if it is to go whalewatching or hike the Andes, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


peaks of the Andes, remote villages, and a cultural heritage that on a misty day comes to life through its secrecy of myth and legend.  The landscape offers breathtaking views as well as being one of the most thriving places on earth for wildlife, offering a unique composition of species. Ecuador leaves no one untouched.

Ecuador is located between Peru and Colombia on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean.  It was named after equator, that divides the country and makes it part of both the northern and southern hemisphere. The location is clearly showing off with its remarkable biodiversity and astonishing contrasts of scenery.


From the Islands of Galapagos, across the pacific maritime wildlife, on to golden beaches and tropical forests, Ecuador takes you even further. Keep moving and you will find the rolling fields and snow covered

Manabì´s coast line is the perfect location to find what so many of us need the most, -our inner peace. Ecuador hums with life, and gives you the chance to spend time in harmony with nature. Finding tranquility is a healing source, for body mind and soul.

Image by Otra Ola